Production and sale of Umbrian olive oil

Extra-virgin olive oil from the hills surrounding

The Cipolloni family has been growing olive trees and its exquisite fruits with passion, it is the link that has always connected the different generations.

A passion born in 1950

In the 30s, Corrado Cipolloni, Eng., was an important engineer who worked at the national level, who’s entrepreneurial genius went from designing train systems, to the construction of roads and train stations; he loved agriculture, and it became his passion when he bought many hectares of olive Groves in the magnificent Umbrian hills, where the Moraiolo variety is the main olive type. It is rustic and resistant like the people of Umbria, and still today gives an exquisite golden green oil with an intense and spicy taste.
In the 50s, Cavaliere Francesco Filippo Cipolloni decided that agriculture was going to become his mission. He had a great love for nature, the landscape, and his land, and he was constantly creating a series of relations, friendships traditions, work, and culture.
His daughter, Cristina, who is a very young entrepreneur, and the sole owner of the Agricultural Company, continues the ancient activities of the family with care and devotion, while guaranteeing these traditional values. Cristina created the brand Villa Val d’Olivi, that gave its name to this exquisite extra-virgin olive oil and B&B.

The Territory

Where we produce very high quality italian extra-virgin olive oil, Moraiolo cultivar, with the help of the wonderful properties of this excellent land.
We still pick the olives the way it was done many years ago, by hand, without damaging the plants and the drupes, just when the fruit is perfectly ripe, during the months of October and November.
We deliver the olives to our mill within 24 hours, where they are immediately cold pressed to enhance the healthy organoleptic qualities of this olive oil with its emerald gold colour and typical spicy flavour.
We store our precious oil in the best possible way, in stainless steel containers, and we bottle it only when our client has told us how he would like it to be shipped.